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Past Training Events


Emer Hurley – Attention Autism


Dr Kay Toomey and Bethany Kortsha – When Children Won’t Eat: Picky Eaters versus Problem Feeders. SOS Approach to Feeding

Jacqui Hunt – Changing Children’s Brains: Providing Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy that Maximises Neuroplasticity


Dr Jill Zwicker- Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) & Handwriting; Printing Like a Pro!

Professor Karen Stagnitti- Learn to Play Therapy and Advanced Learn to Play Therapy


Dr Ann Kennedy Behr- Occupational Performance Coaching Q & A Teleconference


Dr Ann Kennedy Behr- Occupational Performance Coaching; Coaching Parents/ Caregivers to Enable Participation, and Supporting Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder and their Families

Sheila Frick – Therapeutic Listening ® Listening with the Whole Body and Quickshifts


Alison Wesley, Sharon Duff, Natalie Bennett-Bremen, Michael J Taranto & Dr Kevin Murray – Hypermobility in Children; Identification and Management


Carla Cay Williams – “How does your Engine Run? ® The Alert Program ® for Self Regulation and Advanced Training

Dr Dido Green – Enabling Performance and Participation in Children with Disabilities; Using Motor Learning Theories for Children with Movement Disorders

Suzanne Wakefield & Lisa Scott – Sensory Based Assessment and Treatment Course – Part 2: Treatment Course


Suzanne Wakefield & Lisa Scott – Sensory Based Assessment and Treatment Course – Part 1: Clinical Observation – Assessment and Introduction to Treatment


Dr Winnie Dunn – Sensory Profile and Sensory Processing (jointly run with OT Australia WA)

Gillian Hurley – Assessment of Handwriting for High School Students


Professor Sylvia Rodger – CO-OP, Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance

Professor Karen Stagnitti – Play and Literacy in the Early Years and ChiPPA


Annie O’Connell – Sleepwise

Dr Chris Chapparo – Understanding Visual Perception Skills in Children


Sheila Frick – Therapeutic Listening ®


Dr Winnie Dunn – The Sensations of Everyday Life


Dr Chris Chapparo – Perceive: Recall: Plan and Perform System (PRPP) and Sensory Processing in Diverse Populations