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DOT(WA) holds meetings and local PD info sessions every second month from 6:30pm until about 8:30pm. We are currently using Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley to host the meetings in Building 10, Level 3, room 8 (NOTE- we are not using ECU during COVID-19 restrictions, see below for more details as meetings are still happening!). We are aiming for meetings in the first week on the month and will generally be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but the week and day chosen may vary due to presenter availability. Zoom videoconferencing facilities are available.

In 2020 meetings will be in February, April. June and August. This will be the end of the one year trial of evening meetings and a decision will be made as to the format beyond these dates in mid 2020.

The professional development aspect of the meeting will start at 6:30 and will be followed directly by the meeting. Please remember to bring along a ‘Good, Bad or Ugly resource’ that you have found to share during the meeting.

In 2020, we will also be trialing video conferencing in through Zoom. After lots of technical issues with the SCOPIA in 2019, we thought we would see if there was a better solution for us. We will decide on the best video conferencing system when we evaluate the meeting format in mid 2020.

To dial in through Zoom, please follow the following steps.
1. Prior to the meeting, download Zoom onto your phone, tablet or computer. The free Zoom
app is available from the App Store or Google play, or you can find it here: https://zoom.us/download.
2. 5 minutes before the meeting, click the link provided (see below or in the newsletter).
3. Check your video audio by clicking ‘Settings’ at the bottom left of the screen. Enable audio and video, but ensure your microphone is on mute.
4. If you wish to ask a question, make a comment etc during the meeting, don’t forget to unmute yourself.
5. To finish the meeting or disconnect, click ‘Leave meeting’ at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Zoom Considerations to ensure the meeting runs as smoothly as possible.
1. Ensure your microphone is on mute, if you have a question, unmute yourself.
2. Look at your video image and ensure it is clear and not distracting. Avoid lights behind you as these cause a lot of glare, and if there are going to be lots of movement behind you (children, people walking around, traffic etc), please turn your video off. Equally if you are eating, moving around etc, please turn your video off.
3. If you have connection issues, consider how many devices are using the internet connection and if some can be disconnected/not used. Alternatively consider using your mobile data. Turning your video off and closing unused tabs or apps can help with poor connection.
4. Try to stay focused and avoid multitasking- pretend you are in the same room as the presenter.
There is a significant lag between when you speak and when the person hears you. If you wish to ask a question, get the presenters attention by saying ‘I have a question’ and wait until they acknowledge, you can also raise your hand to get visual attention too. When you are done, acknowledge that you are finished by saying ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m done’ etc.
Try to have only one person talking at one time, and speak clearly and slowly.

Upcoming monthly PD includes
June DOT(WA) PD & Meeting (online-only)

Date: Tuesday, 16th June 2020                                                
Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm
Topic: The development of a school based intervention to improve the school participation and school connectedness of students with autism in mainstream primary schools. 

Amy Hodges is an Occupational therapist and the primary author of In My Shoes, a school based intervention that she developed as part of her doctoral studies that aims to improve the school participation and connectedness of students with autism in mainstream primary schools. Amy will share with you the journey that led to the development of In My Shoes, including key findings from her research and will also share some of the resources of the program including dramatised videos and comic-strip style illustrations. In My Shoes is due to be trialled in schools this year to test its preliminary effectiveness and feasibility in the school environment.

Dial in details
Meeting ID: 935 6412 8594
If you have difficulty joining the meeting on the day and require support from the DOT(WA) Executive Committee, message/call Jacqui Hunt on 0407 834 097.



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