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Date: Tuesday, 7th December, 2021
Time: 6.30pm
Topic: Dog Assisted Therapy and Autism Assistance Dog Programs
Presented by: Nat O’Neill, Kites Therapy 

Details: Nat O’Neill graduated in 2004 and has spent many years as a senior OT in the community rehab setting. in 2009, she discovered an organisation called Animal Companions, who were bringing dogs to visit patients at SCGH. Nat signed herself up, and spent many years volunteering with her own pet dog. Having chosen to study OT because of a want to work with children, when the opportunity came up to work with therapy dogs in a paediatric setting she jumped at it. 

Kites therapy provides centre based Dog Assisted Therapy with their OTs and Autism Assistance Dogs to work with children and families out in the community. They are linked with the expert dog trainers at Guide Dogs WA, and provide unique and creative ways for children to achieve their therapy goals with the help of their four legged friends.

The presentation will provide an overview of the Kites Dog Assisted Therapy program and the Kites Autism Assistance Dog program. It will cover Nat O’Neill’s role as an OT, families who may benefit, eligibility criteria, how to refer and some practical examples of what sessions actually look like. 

Zoom Details: TBA

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