Supporting WA Occupational Therapists Working With Children

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Topic: AAIMH WA Endorsement Program 
Presenter: Anne Lowagie
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Time: 6.30pm

We know that children’s wellbeing goes hand in hand with the wellbeing of their family. Safe, stable and nurturing relationships with caring adults are the building blocks of healthy development and good mental health. Professionals in the early childhood and family field play a key role in promoting and supporting those all-important foundational relationships.

Occupational Therapists working with babies, young children and their families, particularly those facing chronic adversity, know this work can be challenging. It requires a complex set of skills, high levels of professional development and commitment. This means that practitioners also need access to quality training opportunities and reflective experiences that support them in their work.

In 2020, the West Australian Branch of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health (AAIMH WA) introduced Infant Mental Health (IMH) Endorsement®, a workforce development and support system. An internationally recognised credential, IMH Endorsement demonstrates a professional’s experiences and competency in the infant, early childhood and family field and their commitment to a reflective, relational approach to their work. Growing evidence indicates that endorsed professionals are better prepared to support the foundational early development of babies and young children, in the context of their caregiving relationships.

On 15 February, AAIMH WA’s Endorsement Coordinator Anne Lowagie will talk about IMH Endorsement® in Western Australia and how it can support you in your work with young children and their families. 

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DOT(WA) Executive Committee

The DOT(WA) Exec are looking for two members to join our committee in the roles of Mentorship and Research.

Mentorship: This entails running our Mentor Connect program.

Research: This position aims to encourage members to engage in research, utilise best practice and aims to make research exciting. You will also coordinate the Clinical Project Grants as necessary.

Both roles only entail up to a few hours per month.

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