Supporting WA Occupational Therapists Working With Children

What’s Happening?

DOT(WA) AGM and Executive Committee Elections

Date: Tuesday August 23
Time: 7.30pm

DOT(WA) AGM and Executive Committee Elections will be held Tuesday August 23 after the bi-monthly PD. The AGM is a chance for you to hear what we have achieved over the last year, be updated on the financial position of DOT(WA) and have a chance to ask questions etc.

If you were a DOT(WA) member in 2021-2022 then you are eligible to vote at the AGM. If you are unable to attend the AGM Zoom call, you can allocate your vote by proxy to another member who is attending. We encourage you to do this if you cannot attend so we can reach quorum and the AGM is able to go ahead. It will take less than 30 seconds to complete HERE. If you are unsure who to give your vote to, you can put the name of a committee role (e.g. Chairperson) as the person you are allocating your proxy vote too.


Date: Tuesday August 23
Time: 6.30pm
Topic: NaturePlay
Presenter: Cath Fitzhardinge

As we all know, nature is a critical determinant of health and wellbeing, therefore meaningful access to nature is critical for humans to thrive. As an Occupational Therapist, Cath advocates for children (and adults) living in urban areas to have access to nature, and to embed nature into their everyday lives. Cath collaborates with Landscape Architects, Schools, Early Learning Centres, and Local Councils in the creation and activation of nature spaces. She will be talking about how she promotes nature connection, health and wellbeing through meaningful occupation in order to foster resilience, confidence, curiosity and kindness. 

Cath will also share her experiences of working with Bronwyn Paynter, Nature OT in her cOnnecT with nature program. Through this program Cath connected with like minded OTs to share, support and provide feedback to each other as we explored how to incorporate nature into your OT practice.


DOT(WA) AGM and Executive Committee Elections

It is that time of year again- time for the DOT(WA) AGM, which includes the election of the new Executive Committee! 
All Executive Committee roles are up for nomination, and these roles include:
– Chairperson
– Deputy Chairperson
– Treasurer
– Meetings Secretary
– Membership Secretary
– Email Coordinator
– PD Coordinator (Bimonthly)
– PD Coordinator (National/International)
– Website Coordinator
– Rural and remote
– Mentorship
– General Committee Member


Award nominations are open for the DOT(WA) Award for Excellence in Paediatric Occupational Therapy. 

The award recognises outstanding contribution in the field of paediatric occupational therapy in WA.
Nominations can be made for demonstrated by excellence in any of the following areas:

– Clinical Practice  
– Service Development or Innovation 
– Mentorship/ Supervision 
– Leadership 
– Research
– Furthering the Profession and/or Paediatric OT

Award nominations are open to DOT(WA) members who practice and/or reside in Western Australia. The successful nominee/s will be determined by 3 members of the Executive Committee, with the Award presented at the upcoming AGM.


Nominations close on Monday 1st of August 2022.