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DCD Clinical Practice Guidelines

The DCD Clinical Practice Guidelines were developed for Occupational Therapists by DOT(WA) following enquires made to the Western Australian Occupational Therapy Association (WAOTA). The Guidelines were developed to use when working with students with Developmental Coordination Disorder and an information sheet has also been developed for use by parents and professionals such as allied health workers and teachers.

The purpose of these clinical practice guidelines was to provide occupational therapists working in Western Australia with an understanding of:  The role of occupational therapy in the DCD diagnostic process; Current terminology; Reporting on DCD; Best practice occupational therapy intervention; Accommodations and special provisions available within the WA education system; and Evidence-based publications and resources in the community. Additionally, the resources may be used to inform other disciplines about the role of occupational therapists in the assessment and intervention of children and adolescents with DCD.

 Katie Browning, Occupational Therapist, was appointed the Project Officer to develop the guidelines and is the principal author, having consulted with an expert panel of Occupational Therapists, Sue Beurteaux; Sarah Howlett; Jacqui Hunt; Claire Druett; Jenny Sammons and Rebecca Czaplinska. 


Thanks are extended to all involved with the project including the above listed, Jane Yeates and the Motor Dysgraphia Working Party who authored the Motor Dysgraphia Clinical Practice Guidelines for Occupational Therapists in Western Australia for generously sharing their work, and Fiona Kemp, DOT(WA) chairperson and Jacqui Hunt, DOT(WA) vice-chairperson for their help coordinating this project.


Please ensure guidelines are used by Occupational Therapists only. 

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Occupational Therapists in WA

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Information Sheet