Attention Autism – Workshop 1 (17-18 February 2020)

Presented by Emer Hurley

Dates: Monday 17th – Tuesday 18th February 2020

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm (9.00am registration)

Workshop description:
The Attention Autism programme, developed by Gina Davies, specialist Speech and Language Therapist, targets the teaching of attention, communication and social interaction skills for children with, or presenting with, Autism Spectrum Disorder. This 2 day course equips attendees with the skills to set up and run the four stage Attention Autism programme, focusing on the practical aspects of intervention, working in a team and offering an irresistible invitation to learn.

The training is run applying the principles of the Attention Autism programme throughout each day and involves demonstrations of the techniques in action, video footage of the work with children, practical hands-on experience for participants and ideas for activities. The intention is to share the practical skills needed for participants to feel confident in setting up and running the intervention immediately.

This workshop is suitable for health care professionals and assistants, teachers, education support staff/assistants and parents/carers.

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Learning objectives:
Participants of this workshop will develop an understanding of how to:

  • engage children with Autism
  • teach children with Autism to focus, sustain and shift their attention
  • teach, encourage and support communication
  • foster group learning skills
  • embed early social interaction skills into group work
  • modify and adapt levels of stimulation/distraction in a group setting
  • use shared good times with the group and staff team working together in highly engaging activities to build relationships and trust
  • adopt a framework that encourages breadth and depth in learning for those who find linear progression challenging
  • provide activities with a high density of learning opportunities

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