Occupational therapists provide assessment and therapy for children who are experiencing difficulties in their development and learning. The areas occupational therapists may assess include play skills, self-care skills, feeding skills, sensory processing, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual-motor coordination, visual perception, handwriting, social skills and self-esteem.

This indicates that the Occupational Therapist is registered with Medicare to provide rebated sessions via the Chronic Disease Management services with referral via GP

Metro - North of the River

Gymworks Occupational Therapy

Helen Cooper, Jessica Beament, Sue Beurteaux, Kylie Gibson, Naomi Liddelow, Kimberley Parrant, Victoria Sylvester, Jane Vince Jones

1-100 Walters Drive Osborne Park WA 6017

: 6164 9631 or 0412 710 957

Secondary Email: helen@gymworksot.com.au

Website: http://www.gymworksot.com.au

Gymworks OT offers assessment and a wide range of programs for children including our popular Gymworks OT program, "Write-On" Handwriting Club, Playworks developmental playgroup, Foodworks fussy eaters,Highway Heroes social emotional development groups, ALERT sensory regulation, and Fitness Fridays gym only. We believe in working hand in hand with families, teachers and other health professionals to help children reach their potential. We have a number of allied health professionals on site including Bubbles Speech Pathology, Let's Go Physio, LALI literacy tutoring, Taste Buds Speech Pathology

  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

West Coast Occupational Therapy Services

Rebecca Eley

Unit 13/1 The Gateway Edgewater WA 6027

: 08 9301 0052

Website: http://www.westcoasttherapy.com

Private paediatric occupational therapy practice, offering assessment and intervention services to children aged 3-12 years of age. Areas of intervention include, fine and gross motor skills, handwriting, sensory development, visual perceptual skills, core strength and stability, body awareness and coordination, attention, and self care skills. We believe in providing client centred practice, with close consultation with family, school and other key support people.

Building Blocks OT 4 Kids

Maria Fuentes Arrocha, Trina MacAdam

210 Wanneroo Rd Madeley 6065

: 0450 700 836

Website: http://www.buildingblocksot4kids.com

Experienced therapists provide individual and small group therapy at the clinic, child’s school, day care or family home dependent upon the child’s needs. Children aged 1-12 years receive assistance with: fine motor skills (including handwriting); gross motor skills; sensory processing; attention and concentration; social and emotional skills (including managing anxiety); sleep, meal time and toileting; and play skills. HiCaps available. Rebates may be available through private insurance or Medicare including through the below listed programs.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health
  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Abilitations Occupational Therapy Service

Toni Farquharson

4 Myrtle Avenue, Sorrento, 6020

: 0419960577

Secondary Email: pit@bigpond.net.au

School and home visiting service providing assessment and intervention for children with prewriting, writing and drawing, fine motor control, thinking skills – problem solving and perception, visual processing and pre-reading, planning and organisation, body control and posture, attention to task and sensory processing difficulties.

Nuts and Bolts Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Sarah Evans

Cottage at the entrance to Guildford Grammar School 454 Great Eastern Highway Guildford WA 6055

: 9377 8506

Provide individual services to toddlers and children. Clinic based service. Experienced therapists who are passionate about providing a quality service. Able to accept referrals from outside Guildford Grammar School.

Dove Occupational Therapy

Chris Dove

125A Broadway NEDLANDS WA 6009

: 93897719 or 0430474770

Secondary Email: therapy@otdove.com.au

Website: http://www.otdove.com.au

Specialising in the assessment and intervention of children and adolescents aged 4 years-18 years. Practice and school based services (north and south of river). We provide services at multiple schools within Perth. Presenting referrals: attention and organisation skills, sensory regulation, ADL's, visual perceptual skills, fine and gross motor coordination, handwriting skills, dysgraphia, developmental coordination disorder/dyspraxia, learning confidence, applications for SCSA/ATAR exams.

Discover Me Occupational Therapy

Fiona Hayes

1B 73 Gibson Ave PADBURY WA 6025

: 0422087107

Website: http://www.discovermeot.com.au

Child Centred Play Therapy & developmentally sensitive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to children 3-12 years with social, emotional & behavioural difficulties. Co-regulation & self-regulation skills to assist at home, school & community. Parenting & teacher support, attachment and counselling. Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator. Medicare Provider - able to accept a GP Mental Health Treatment Plans or Chronic Disease Management Plans. I work together as a team with family & caregivers. Clinical & Professional Supervision. Registered NDIS Provider - all ages.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health


Tara Spickett, Laura Brown

10 Elcar Lane JOONDALUP WA 6027

: (08) 9301 1154

Website: https://tlc-wa.com.au

We provide clinic, school and home-based OT services to children (0 -16). Our services include individual and group therapy, home programs and equipment prescription. This service aims to maximise children’s potential in gross-motor skills and coordination, fine-motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing, self-care, play, concentration skills and feeding. Registered provider for: - Helping Children with Autism funding - Better Start for Children with Disability funding - Enhanced Primary Care Plans and NDIS. TLC-WA is a multidisciplinary service.

  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

iThrive - Occupational Therapy for Children

Hayley Huxtable

2/178 Railway Parade, West Leederville

: (08) 9381 2614 or 0411 890 364

Secondary Email: info@ithrivegroup.com.au

Website: http://www.ithrivegroup.com.au

iThrive West Leederville offers the assessment and intervention of school aged children (3-18 years) who may be experiencing learning difficulties such as ADHD or other attentional difficulties, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, high functioning autism, behavioural issues and sensory processing disorder (SPD). We assist with handwriting, reading, comprehension, numeracy, fine and gross motor strength and co-ordination. Most of all we wish to help children achieve their best to improve maintain their self-efficacy and ease any anxieties or difficulties they may be facing in school and in life.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health

Occupational Therapy 4 KIDZ

Rebecca Czaplinska

PO BOx 164 Burswood 6100

: 0406492565

Mobile paediatric service providing home and school based therapy services; specialising in the assessment and treatment of children who are experiencing difficulties with sensory processing, motor skills, visual perception, handwriting, attention and self care.

Kidz OT Essentials

Rebecca Eley, Felicity Matthews, Natalie Lea


: 0433 559 356

Website: http://www.kidzotessentials.com/

Providing school based occupational therapy services for primary school students. - Screening assessments (Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students) - Assessments of primary school students - Individual school based intervention services - School based group intervention - Parent information sessions - Teacher professional development sessions For additional service enquiries please contact Kidz OT Essentials.


Tara Spickett, Laura Brown, Rosalind Garside

10 Elcar Lane Joondalup WA 6027

: 93011154 or 93011153

Secondary Email: reception@tlc-wa.com.au

Website: http://www.tlc-wa.com.au

Provides clinic, school and home-based services to children aged 0 to 16 years. Assessment and treatment sessions, school visits, home visits, and holiday group sessions with direct intervention, consultation, home programs and equipment prescription. TLC-WA aims to maximize children’s potential in gross-motor skills and coordination, fine-motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing, self-care, play, concentration skills and feeding. Registered to provide services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through H.C.W.A, Better Start and NDIS.

  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Inside Out Occupational Therapy Group

Lisa Cooper, Kathleen Langford, Gillian Reid, Lisa Adeney, Jordana Kaiser, Virginia Arnott

MANNING CLINIC: 5/18 Welwyn Avenue, MANNING WA 6152 ST JOHN OF GOD MURDOCH CLINIC: Wexford Medical Suites Level 3 Suite 49 Barry Marshall Parade, MURDOCH WA 6150 MOSMAN PARK CLINIC: 666 Stirling Highway, MOSMAN PARK WA 6012 (corner of Stirling Highway and Fairlight Street)

: 0423673909 or 0407422231

Secondary Email: contact@insideouttherapy.com.au

Website: http://www.insideouttherapy.com.au

We offer clinic, home and school-based services for children, adolescents and their families. We use a client-centred and holistic model of practice providing assessment, individual therapy, group work, school liaison, parent consultation, parent therapy, family therapy, training and clinical supervision. We tailor our therapeutic process to individual and family needs in the areas of self-regulation (emotions and attention), psychosocial skills (social skills, self-esteem confidence, motivation, anxiety and mood management), family systems, fine and gross motor skills and visual perception.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health
  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism

Blossom Therapy WA

Emma Marpole

The Whitford Family Centre 21C Endeavour Road Hillarys, 6025

: 0405181196 or 0405181196

Secondary Email: kemarpole@yahoo.com.au

Website: http://www.blossomtherapywa.com.au

We have 16 years experience working with children 0-18 years old with a variety of needs. We work from a clinic in Hillarys and also in schools, day care centres and in homes. We develop individualised plans, where the interventions are fun, evidence based, family friendly and focused on enhancing development and independence. Areas addressed include fine motor, gross motor, self-care and play skills. Also, Motor planning, sensory processing and attention skills. We are part of a multidisciplinary team providing occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology services.

Skillbuilders Therapy Services & Products for Children

Penny Melsom, Maria Rosenius, Caryn Mincherton

Unit 5/2 Queensgate Drive, CANNING VALE, WA 6155 Unit 1/24 Hammond Rd, COCKBURN CENTRAL, WA 6164

: 08 9332 2223 (CanningVale) and 08 9417 4903 (Cockburn Central)

Secondary Email: penny@skillbuilders.com.au

Website: http://www.skillbuilders.com.au

Skillbuilders has provided family-centred therapy services for children aged 0-18 years for the past 21 years. Our team includes OT, Physio & Speech Therapy. Our centres are based at Cockburn Central and our Leeming practice has just moved to Canning Vale. We provide services in schools, day care centres and homes. Skillbuilders Therapy also includes a large range of products to support children in their development. All these items can be seen at www.skillbuilders.com.au, and also at our Cockburn location. Guidance in equipment selection is available to families from across the state.

  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Child Wellbeing Centre

Narelle Gielingh, Madeline Minehan

5 Padbury Terrace, Midland, WA 6056

: (08) 9274 7062

Website: http://childwellbeingcentre.net.au

The Child Wellbeing Centre aims to provide high quality services to children, young people and their families. We provide quality occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy and ABA programs for children and adolescents between 2 and 17 years of age in Perth. Our Occupational Therapists work closely with carers, families, teachers, psychologists and other health professionals to enable each child to achieve daily living and school participation goals. These include handwriting, fine motor skills, core strength and coordination, self care, sensory and emotional regulation.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health
  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Trina MacAdam Occupational Therapy Services.

Trina MacAdam

9/94 Delamere Avenue Currambine WA 6028

: 0422 742 144 or 9304 1128

Website: http://www.trinamacadam.com.au

Family focussed paediatrics. Provides clinic based and home/school visiting service for children aged 0-12. Service includes assessment and therapy for sensory processing, social/relationship and play skills, managing emotions, attention and concentration, visual perception, fine motor skills and participation in daily routines (meal times, sleep, self-care.) Works in conjunction with onsite Clinical Psychologists if required.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health

Gillian Hurley

Gillian Hurley

64 Finnerty Street KARRINYUP 6018

: (08) 9446 3658

Provide individual therapy services to children, adolescents and university students. Specialise in assessment and intervention with upper primary and high school students. Have extensive experience with assessment and reporting process for (1) high school students needing special provisions in tests and exams; (2) Year 12 students applying to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) for special examination arrangements in WACE exams; and (3) university students requiring special examination arrangements.

North Beach Occupational Therapy

Bernadette Wiegele

16 Millar Rd North Beach 6020

: 08 94488170 or 0466726896

Website: http://www.facebook.com/NorthBeachOccupationalTherapy

Over 25 years experience with assessment ant treatment of children up to 12 years. Individual sessions only. Treatment of sensory, postural control, attention/ concentration , organisation, fine and gross motor, visual perception, handwriting and self care needs. Uses play, music, sensory activities along with structured learning goals to enhance function at school and home. Bernadette works in a team with an experienced Speech Pathologist and Psychologist.Continues with ongoing training with Developmental Issues, ADHD, Sensory Processing, Sensory Integration, Handwriting, Literacy and Play

Finding Balance Occupational Therapy and Play Therapy

Nina Fitch

Chelsea Village Suite 2/145 Stirling Highway Nedlands. WA 6009

: (08) 9389 1792 or 0409 680 716

Secondary Email: hello@findingbalancetherapy.com.au

Website: http://www.findingbalancetherapy.com.au

Finding Balance Occupational Therapy and Play Therapy offers a unique and well respected service to children, adolescents, families and educators. We address concerns with developmental and learning difficulties and worked empathetically with children and families experiencing emotional, social and mental health issues.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health

OT to Your Door

Susanne Parker

P.O Box 6158

: 0481 590 089

Website: http://ottoyourdoor.com.au/

A mobile service bringing an experienced Occupational Therapist to your home. Visits to schools, daycares and other community venues can also be arranged. Providing services to children (mainly 2 to 12 years) and their families in the northern suburbs. Providing assessment and therapy for children experiencing difficulties with fine motor skills, in particular handwriting, gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual perception and/or self-care. Susanne has over 18 years experience as an OT working with children and can provide these services in the comfort and convenience of your own home

Sensory Connections Therapy Services

Kathy Walmsley, Sharon Campbell, Leigh van Heerden, Kerrie Wallace, Catherina Patterson,

104 Keightley Road West, Shenton Park, 6018

: 08 9382 8538 or 0424288779

Website: http://www.sensoryconnections.com.au

We are a private well established paediatric practice, founded in 2003. We are based in a comfortable home like environment in Shenton Park, with a range of spaces including a large gym and smaller therapy rooms. Our team of senior therapists, are committed to supporting each child to reach their potential and to empower parents with the knowledge and skills that they need to support their children's development. We work with children with autism, developmental delays, regulatory and sensory processing disorders, motor based disorders including dyspraxia.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health
  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Foundations for Learning

Geraldine Ferry Smith

28 Hideaway Cove, Halls Head, WA 6210

: 0400124448

Geraldine combines extensive practical experience with post-graduate academic qualifications in learning disabilities and occupational therapy. Difficulties with handwriting, fine motor skill development, school readiness and written language are common reasons for referral. Foundations for Learning provides a flexible and responsive individualised program for children who are learning to write and for students and adults who need to improve their writing or relearn how to write after illness or injury. Clients are seen in Halls Head, with a mobile service operating between Perth and Bunbury.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health
  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism

Anthea's Children's Clinic

Anthea Cousins

11 Warburton Avenue, Padbury, 6025

: 0422 211 939

Anthea has over 16 years experience working with children and families to encourage each child to reach their potential. Provides OT services to children 0-18 at home or school in Northern Suburbs. Provides assessment and intervention to children with developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism, DCD, dyslexia, developmental delay and children in mainstream schools with difficulties in motor, handwriting, sensory processing, perceptual, organization and self care skills. Also experienced in neurological conditions and physical disabilities. Sensory Integration Trained. School Staff training.

  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Perth Children's Occupational Therapy

Sarina Shirazee

Mobile practice

: 0414657142

Website: https://www.pcot.com.au/

Perth Children's Occupational therapy is a mobile practice servicing children aged 2-16 years of age in the Perth metropolitan area. Assessment and individual therapy is provided for children experiencing a range of difficulties, including but not limited to attention, self-esteem, sensory processing, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual perception, self-care tasks, handwriting and literacy. We take a holistic, family-centred approach to therapy, ensuring children's independence in all environments. Rebates may be available through private health insurance or Medicare.

  • Registered for Better Access to Mental Health

Equip for Life

Fiona Kemp

Tower St West Leederville WA 6007

: 0412 901 754

Equip for Life is a private OT service providing a range of service to families that have a child with a disability, particularly those with complex or multiple disabilities. Services are provided within the home, school, day care or other relevant settings. Services can include: direct intervention, one off consultations, programme development, recreation options and programmes, equipment prescription, home modifications, staff training. Services are available for people of all ages and disabilities. Equip for Life is based in metro Perth, but visits to country areas can be arranged.

  • Registered for Helping Children with Autism
  • Registered for Better Start for Children with Disability

Updated: 25.04.2019