In 2016 DOT (WA) Inc. was successful in receiving a second  grant from the Non-Government Centre Support (NGCS). The grant has been provided to develop "Early Skills for Living and Learning" handouts.

The aims of this project are to:

  • Create a resource that can be used with parents, teachers and other important caregivers to help promote functional skill development of young children with a disability or are at risk of a disability in Western Australia.
  • Create a resource that incorporates early childhood intervention research principles
  • Provide a resource that is meaningful and relevant within the Western Australian context.

Natasha Cox has been appointed as the Project Officer. Natasha has recently sought feedback from DOT (WA) Inc. members via an online survey and she is currently consulting with an expert panel of Occupational Therapists to develop the content and design of the handouts.


DOT (WA) Inc. was successful in a grant application to the Non-Government Centre Support (NGCS). The grant was used to develop the Play and Early Learning Handouts to provide a simple, photo-based resource for parents. The handouts demonstrate ideas to promote the development of play and early learning skills for children. Susan Peirce, Occupational Therapist was appointed as the Project Officer to develop the handouts and is the principal author, having consulted with an expert panel of Occupational Therapists: Leigh Dix, Jenny Dobe and Jodie Mazzucchelli; members of DOT (WA) Inc. Executive Committee: Rachael Fallows and Suzanne Wilkinson as well as more widely with the membership of DOT (WA) Inc.

dotwa handouts

Our thanks are extended to the children and their parents who agreed to have their photos included in the handouts and to the professionals and friends who contributed to the handouts by providing valuable feedback.

View the Play and Early Learning Handouts