Mentoring Program

Links therapists with different levels of experience
Share knowledge, resources and expertise
Plan career goals | Establish professional networks
Two way learning and reflection process | Contributes to CPD

The Mentoring Program is offered on an annual basis. Dates for the 2018 program will be announced by email and will be on the website.

Benefits of participating in the Mentoring Program

Demonstrate expertise and
share knowledge
Enhance skills in leadership, coaching, counselling, listening and modelling
Strengthen professional reputation, recognition and respect
Extend professional networks
Personal satisfaction from contributing to the development of others

Benefits therapists new to paediatric OT, therapists planning to change practice area, therapists returning to the workplace after a significant break, rural and remote therapists
Development of a supportive relationship and opportunities for self-directed learning
Increased professional satisfaction and self confidence
Exploration of strengths, interests and potential
Improved knowledge, skills and clinical competence
Extend professional networks and opportunity for career mobility and progression